"Super Swell Shell" Dog Jacket
"Super Swell Shell" Dog Jacket
"Super Swell Shell" Dog Jacket
"Super Swell Shell" Dog Jacket
"Super Swell Shell" Dog Jacket
"Super Swell Shell" Dog Jacket
"Super Swell Shell" Dog Jacket
"Super Swell Shell" Dog Jacket
"Super Swell Shell" Dog Jacket
"Super Swell Shell" Dog Jacket
"Super Swell Shell" Dog Jacket

"Super Swell Shell" Dog Jacket

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Do you want to build a snow-dog? Of course you do, but you can't romp around in the snow if Fido is freezing!

This Super Swell Shell Dog Coat will ensure hours of warmth in the winter. The jacket provides a waterproof outer layer that keeps moisture at bay, along with an inner liner of soft, cozy fleece that's gentle against your dog's fur. 

Velcro attachments mean that this coat is easy to take on and off, plus this jacket also features elastic bands that can be placed around your dog's hind legs to prevent the coat from blowing up when it's breezy out.

There's a small, discreet harness hole for attaching a leash to your dog's harness for walks, as well as reflective trim to keep your pooch visible at dusk.

We love that there are eight different sizes for this coat - it works for tiny toy breeds and big pooches as well!


  • Waterproof outer layer and soft fleece inner layer
  • Velcro attachments make it easy to put on and take off
  • Small, discreet harness hole for leash attachments
  • Reflective trim for visibility
  • 8 sizes for small and big dogs - from small to 5XL!

Note: This coat takes 1-2 weeks to ship.

Sizing Details

Size Back Length Chest Girth
S 10" 12.5" - 17.5"
M 12" 15" - 21"
L 14" 17" - 23"
XL 15.5" 19" - 24.5"
XXL 18" 21.5" - 27.5"
3XL 25" 24.5" - 30.5"
4XL 27.5" 28" - 35.5"
5XL 30.5" 34" - 41.5"


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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Sizing doesn’t add up

The sizing of this jacket was so off. I started off with a large thinking she could grow into it and it was too small , the measurements and the size were way off, tried the XXL and that one just fit her, it should have been too big, thank you Meg for all your help, the sizing chart needs to be changed though, way off the measurements they give, runs way too small

Thank you for the feedback Kim, we'll work on updating the sizing chart. Our manufacturer provides the sizing info with the stipulation that some items might be 1-3 cm off, but it sounds like this is a much more extreme size differentiation. Sorry for the inconvenience, I know sizing issues are a pain. We do offer free returns which hopefully mitigates some of the frustration, but of course having an accurate sizing chart is the primary goal and we’ll work on rectifying this immediately!
Wrong sizes 2 times!!!!

Ordered a large....they sent me an extra large marked LARGE on the package.. I ordered a medium, thinking large was too big! Too small. Realized extra large was maked large. Wrote them and said I now have TWO shells and neither fit my dog!!!! requested a LARGE and still have NOT RECIEVED it! Maybe by SUMMER???????????

Hi Bonnie - we've tried reaching you several times about sending an appropriate replacement or refund (while also letting you keep the incorrect sized shell so you can give one to a friend or to your local shelter), but you haven't answered our emails, despite our efforts to rectify the issue and leave you with a positive experience. Sorry to hear you are unhappy, but there is not much we can do when you won't communicate with our team. If you do decide to email us, we can always be reached at info@thinkofthefloofs.com and would be happy to make it right.
Product well made - but no enough coverage

The product is made well, but it doesn’t provide the coverage I really wanted for my dogs. It only goes about halfway around their body -stops midway through. It won’t really work for winter. They are both chihuahuas, so I figured a size up would drown them, and be too big around.


Item came to St. Petersburg in 2 weeks, nice quality. Very good. Closed neck and back top, belly and sides are not closed. Size L perfectly fit for miniature schnauzer.


This came very quick, thank you.