Where Is My Order?

Feel like your order should have arrived by now, but haven't seen it in the mail? We know that's not a fun feeling.

We're always happy to replace any lost or missing orders, but in most cases we assure you - your order is on the way!

We are able to offer deep discounts and free shipping on our products due in part to an extended shipping period. Most of our products will arrive at your door within 2-3 weeks.

In rare cases, certain items may take 3-5 weeks to ship, but these scenarios are not common.

Our first piece of advice is to check the tracking number that you received in your order email. Lost it? No problem, just contact us (info@thinkofthefloofs.com) and we'll send you the tracking info.

In all likelihood, your Think Of The Floofs item is in transit and on the way to your doorstep!